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EGR - Robotics Summer Camp
Learn the Basics of Robotics and Build Your Own Robot...


EG Robotics is holding their very first summer camp aimed towards middle school students and will be teaching the basics of robotics using Arduino as their basis of development. The summer camps will be held during August. Check and see if there is a camp near you!

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The Start of a New Wave of After School Education...


We have launched our main site along with our first department site We are excited to get started and offer people the chance to learn in areas that interest them. Right now robotics and electronics are our main development, but other areas of interests will follow shortly.


All of us at Interest-Ed. have pursued our own interests from childhood into our adult lives. What we have learned through formal education has been valuable, but the joy of learning in the areas that interest us, has been of an even greater value...

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Classes Starting!
Elementary electronic and robotic courses are starting next week and the following weeks. We are excited to start a new year with improvements to our curriculum and kits. We now have Learning Notebooks for students to record their findings and a chance to earn achievements!
2013-09-19 11:54:39

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